Hastings & Bexhill RFC Honorary Life Members and Vice Presidents

In recognition of long and outstanding service to the club the committee have, within their gift, two awards they may bestow on club members.
Honorary Life Membership is awarded in recognition of exceptional service to the club over very many years and is a rare honour, as can be seen by the small number of recipients. 
Honorary Life Members

L. Bolton
R.W.J. Hall 
J. Hohenkerk      
G. Howard-Smith       
P. Knight 
K. Nichols
Mrs. V. Prebble
P.H.L. Southee           
R. Wake
R. Yates
A Vice Presidency is awarded in recognition of work done within the club over many years by current members of the club.

Vice Presidents

A. Barr
M. Girardot
B. McNeilly
Mrs W. Routley
P. Begg
A. Gooch
Dr. C. Meikle
W. Ruddock
L. Bolton
R.W.J. Hall
M. Mowbray
Mrs. A. Sandeman
Mr. & Mrs. N. Brewer
R. Hamilton
L. Morgan
P. Sandeman
C. Brooks
D. Hirst
S. Morris
M. Sealby
K. Challinor
D. Hobden
G. Mounsey
R. Sewell
R.G. Claughton
Mr. & Mrs. J. Hohenkerk
J. Naylor
Mrs. M. Small
M. Corrigan
Mr. & Mrs. M. Horseman
J. Northen
P.H.L. Southee
A. Cryar
K. Howells
K. Nichols
D. Sprinks
I. Davies
C. Huggett
Ms F. O'Gorman
R. Stanley
Ms S. Davis
G. Howard-Smith
Mrs L. Page
K. Swallow
Mrs. L. Dawson
Mr. & Mrs. P. Jeffries
Mrs. L. Pepper
J. Swann
R. Earey
R. Kingston
Mrs. V. Prebble
D. Upton
M. Ellis
P. Knight
A. Prior
R. Wake
R. Ellis
W. Langley
Neil Redman
T. Wallace
S. Feist
G. Lovering
Nick Redman
R. White
D. Grey
P. Mahoney
M. P. Richardson
R. Yates
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